Side Effects of Fareston

(Toremifene Citrate)

The side effects of Toremifene Citrate are very few, and in most cases, extremely mild when compared to many other medications. The side effects of Fareston are truly like most SERMís; however, the overall rate of toleration appears to be a little higher with this form. Further, the side effects of Fareston fall into the category of possible, not guaranteed, and for the most part the overall probability of negative effects is fairly low. This is hard for many to accept or even understand. Toremifene Citrate is not an anabolic steroid,; itís a SERM. But like many SERMís, it is commonly used by steroid users. Anytime steroids are discussed, or related items that make a connection, the side effects are often spoken of in absolute terms. Statements like, ďThe side effects of Toremifene Citrate will be this, and thereís nothing you can do about itĒ are simply false.

What are the possible side effects of Fareston, and what can you do about them should they occur? The most common side effects of Toremifene Citrate are sweating and hot flashes with dizziness being the most common of all. Nausea and vomiting can also occur, but these side effects of Fareston are extremely rare. Some women who use this SERM will experience vaginal bleeding or discharge, and in all who use the SERM they may find liver enzyme values to increase.

If the problematic side effects of Fareston related to discomfort occur, odds are this SERM is not for you. You could try lowering the dose, but in most cases your best bet will be to try another SERM that your body is more comfortable with. As for liver enzyme values, an increase in values is not going to cause any discomfort, but if levels remain elevated for an extended period of time this could lead to liver damage. Fortunately for the performance athlete, he will only be using this SERM at a low dose if it is used on cycle, and only for short periods of time if it is used for PCT purposes. As a result, liver damage is highly unlikely if the liver was healthy to begin with. As for breast cancer patients, the very reason this SERM was brought to the market, ask yourself this one question; whatís worse, the liver related side effects of Fareston or breast cancer? We hope we donít need to answer that question.


When it comes to the side effects of Toremifene Citrate, that really is all there is to it. As you can see, the side effects of Fareston are limited and only a few, and more importantly rare in most individuals. In the end, the side effects of Toremifene Citrate will boil down to individual response. We all respond to things differently, and as unfair as it may seem, there will be those who display a negative response despite proper use. This is a principle that holds true with all things in life, not just SERMís. Most of us can use Aspirin, but some cannot. Most of use can drink milk, but there are those who get sick with the first sip. The side effects of Fareston are the same and will largely boil down to your genetic predisposition based on the reaction to the SERM.